• Dive into Alex's World: Step into the dynamic realm of IT leadership with Alex's captivating tales.
  • Engaging Mini-Videos: Experience coaching scenarios firsthand, vividly illustrating challenges and highlighting routes to success.
  • Self-Reflection & Action Steps: Engage with authentic scenarios and harness actionable tips to elevate your leadership journey.
  • Community Connection: Share your unique IT leadership challenges and stories, and thrive within a supportive community of peers.
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Provides guidance and tools to help users navigate the challenges of IT leadership.

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$270 /year 14 days free discount

  • All Explorer Benefits: Enjoy everything the Explorer offers and much more.
  • Guided Self-Coaching: Harness the GROW Model as your guide, engaging in self-coaching exercises inspired by Alex’s narratives.
  • Navigating Fatal Flaws: Steer clear of pitfalls by heeding expert recommendations and remedies tailored for each scenario.
  • Introspective Insights: Delve into the underlying feelings, beliefs, and fears that may influence your reactions in situations mirroring the coaching scenarios.
  • Profound Self-Reflection: Engage deeply with key points from the coaching narrative, drawing out actionable insights for personal growth.
  • Role Play Mastery: Engage with complementary scenarios, gaining clarity on potential challenges and envisioning ideal outcomes.
  • Blueprint for Success: Extract actionable strategies directly from the coaching narratives to propel your IT leadership journey forward.
  • Curated Resources: Continue your growth with handpicked resources that perfectly complement this self-coaching guide.
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